It’s the best nougat in the world! This is what the media are saying. Looking for nougat in this world of raw? Sweetness? There are legends about its history, but none about its taste. Montélimar nougat is unique: Once you have tasted it, whether it is white, black, tender, soft or chocolate, you will be addicted. Not to mention the atmosphere of traditional factories: From shop to factory, welcome to Nougat World.

Come and fall overboard in the pot or rather in our cauldrons! Packages of all sizes, flavours in all kinds : chocolate raspberry nougat, salted butter caramel, the famous milk chocolate filled with orange, rose… Ice cream, ice cream? Can you smell the roasted almonds? The honey that flows in the nougat dough, the noise of the machines that cut the nougat into pieces? Even Google was not mistaken in choosing the name of its latest Android : nougat.

Several legends explain the creation of the “Nougat de Montélimar”…

The most famous is the story of Aunt Manon, an old girl from Montélimar, an excellent cook, who, at the end of the 17th century, prepared a honey and almond dessert for her nephews. This confectionery was so good to eat that the children systematically told her “Aunt Manon, you spoil us” literally in French: “tu nous gâtes” transformed into “nougat”.

We know the truth comes out of the mouths of children, don’t we?