Hilltop villages and the most beautiful villages in France…

Seven ! We are fortunate to have seven villages perched on our territory : Marsanne, Puygiron, La Laupie, Puy-Saint-Martin, Saint-Gervais-sur-Roubion, Sauzet and Savasse. Dominating our plains, they have a real power of attraction over us. Once you are perched, the village will show itself under its most beautiful assets: old stones, dominant and panoramic views over the plains, vineyards, valleys… surprising in every season. These hilltop villages, from hill to hill, will naturally lead you to them.

Sauzet is made in the roundness, Savasse spreads as if suspended along a single street, La Laupie lights up with its yellow roof of the church, Puygiron is a village crossing East-West… Rendez-vous at Marsanne’s good restaurants. We still do epicureanism at home. We like what’s good!

Vine arbours, festive and bucolic atmospheres, balconies over the valley. Sceneries on the Ardèche and Vercors. Artists’ villages, courtyards and hidden gardens, in which you want to enter. The good news is that the pottery workshops will welcome you with open arms. Cups, bowls, plates…made of terracotta! These villages are an opportunity to do your art market. Still in slow tourism mode, these perched villages will make you forget the time and your phone to set you to Provençal time.

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